Turf Tank Box Accessory

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The Accessory Box is IP68-rated which means that it can withstand water, dust, dirt and sand, and thus can endure all kinds of weather conditions. With the foam inserts, the contents are highly protected against dropping the Accessory Box. If transporting the Accessory Box by airplane it may cause a vacuum within the box. This can make it difficult to open. The Accessory Box therefore contains a rotatable Pressure Release Valve used to release the formed vacuum.

Accessory Box contents:

  • Base Station
  • Base Station Power Adapter
  • Plug Adapters For Base Station Power Adapter
  • Base Station Charging Cable
  • Base Station Data Cable
  • Antenna For Turf Tank One
  • Antenna For Base Station
  • USB-A to USB-Mini B Adapter
  • USB Memory Stick
  • Base Station Jumper Cable
  • Chamber Reducer For Solenoid (1pcs)
  • Rubber Gasket, Ø18,3mm (2pcs)
  • Spray Nozzle, Green (1pcs)
  • Spray Nozzle, Orange (1pcs)
  • Carry Strap For Accessory Box
Specification Value
Length 42,5cm (16,7”)
Width 32,5cm (12,8”)
Height 16,7cm (6,6”)
Weight (content included) 4,56kg (10lbs)
IP Rating 68